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The Witch of the Dark Forest (working title) is my final project on Computer Games Arts at the University for the Creative Arts Farnham.

Players take on the role of a young witch, who has arrived in a small, isolated village for her witchcraft apprenticeship under the local witch. However, the young witch arrives only to find that the senior witch has recently disappeared, under mysterious circumstances. In this world witches are healers, and the player is soon tasked with providing medical care to the villagers in place of the old witch.

Players must use what is written in the witch's spellbooks to discover medicines to treat the villagers, and to find and identify the materials these remedies are concocted from. To create medicines the player must gather plants and fungi from the dark forest, a vast magical woodland generally avoided by people. Travelling deeper into the forest requires negotiation with its spirits and magic, who are not always friendly to humans. Exploring the forest will reveal that much of it has grown on the ruins of an ancient city, and discovering what happened will form a part of the overarching narrative.

Meanwhile the witch needs to earn a living. Non-Player Characters from the village will present the player with their medical issues, which inevitably cause the player to become involved in the daily life of the village. The 'human side' of the narrative will be about exploring the stories of the characters around the player, and discovering what happened to the former witch.


The Witch of the Dark Forest 83 MB
Version 1 Jan 02, 2017