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ANNOUNCEMENT: I am currently rebuilding Inferno in the latest version of Unity as a total overhaul - the concept is similar, but the gameplay will be completely different! Keep your eyes on this spot for development demos and other updates~

This is the first game I took from concept to implementation. It is a turn-based, randomly generated score-attack stealthy strategy fantasy arson game!

CONTROLS: You are the big orange orb. WASD to move. J drops an imp next to you which will burn down buildings - burn down the white ones to increase your followers' faith in you. However the fire imps are treacherous and will move randomly once set down! Press K when on top of or next to an imp to pick it back up. The game ends when your followers' faith runs out, or when you get caught by a glowing blue cop orb!

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Published Jun 16, 2016


Inferno Classic.zip 12 MB
Version 1 Jan 02, 2017
Inferno Rebuild (very early) 25 MB
Version 1 Jan 02, 2017